Bioavailable Absorbent Media (BAM)

Redox Tech is a co-marketer of Orin’s BAM, which is a robust and cost-effective contaminant sponge. It is an engineered carbon-based product made from biomass. BAM’s absorption ability or sponge like effect, comes from its unique and diverse honeycomb- structure. The particle geometry creates pores or openings within the structure that allows for contaminants to be drawn in and retained. This unique ability prevents exterior surface microfilm buildup that allows BAM to continually absorb contaminants. The absorption capacity can be continuously refreshed when BAM is combined with other products such as ABC® + and OBC™.

  • Rapid absorption of contaminants.
  • Pores provide extremely high surface area per gram of material creating a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
  • Promotes microbial colonization’s that biodegrade contaminants.
  • BAM can be combined with chemical oxidants or reductants.
  • Effective on a wide range of contaminants.

BAM can be applied by in-situ injection and soil blending. When mixed into solution BAM has a low viscosity that allows it to be delivered through traditional low-pressure methods. Dry material can be directly applied to contaminated soils for simple treatment.


BAM is also highly effective at absorbing PFAS. We have some great data that indicates that PFAS can be not only absorbed but also treated.

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