Redox Tech offers a full line of field-proven soil and groundwater remediation products. Our products have been implemented at over 1000 sites across the United States, Europe and Brazil. All of our products are blended and formulated by Redox Tech and not by a subcontractor. This allows us to customize our blends for your site’s unique hydrogeology and geochemistry. We offer a leading carbon substrate (ABC®) that is combined with zero valent iron (ZVI) to produce ABC+. We have sold over 10 million pounds of these products. We now offer an emulsified vegetable oil derived product (ABC-Olé) that we have already sold over 500,000 pounds in less than a year. We recognized the importance of pH buffering for anaerobic bioremediation from the introduction of ABC. Buffering is becoming widely accepted, so we are now offering our NuBuff pH adjusting product.

For chemical oxidation, we are partnered with Carus Chemicals to sell and apply permanganate products. We also sell our own activated persulfate product that has been used at hundreds of site (OBC). We have been applying catalyzed hydrogen peroxide injection services for two decades now. OBC is widely used for chlorinated alkanes, 1,4-dioxane and petroleum compounds. We also sell a sulfate based product for anaerobic oxidation of petroleum compounds (OBC+).

Redox Tech has a fleet of geoprobes and injection trailers at six locations across the United States. We also provide soil blending services when injection isn’t the best option. We can also provide training and guidance on the application of our products if you have a preferred vendor or would like to self implement.