Redox Tech, LLC is a specialty environmental remediation company. Redox Tech provides expert, turn-key in situ soil and groundwater remediation services. The company was founded in 1995 by Dr. John Haselow. Redox Tech can formulate an in situ remedial approach from bench- to pilot- to full-scale implementation. Redox Tech has experience with chemical oxidation (Fenton’s chemistry, permanganate, persulfate and ozone), bioremediation (biosparging, cometabolic, anaerobic bioremediation (ABC®) and bioaugmentation), and metals treatment via Eh-pH manipulation.

Redox Tech has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies through contracts with large consulting firms. We pride ourselves on completing a job safely and within budget. In addition, Redox Tech has $5 million of general liability, workmen’s compensation and auto insurance coverage. Redox Tech has $2 million in pollution & professional liability coverage. Ask about our fixed-price remediation guarantee.