Chemical Oxidation

Historically, Redox Tech has provided in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) services with a number of different chemical oxidants. The oxidant of choice will depend upon a number of factors such as:  target contaminant, pH, alkalinity, sensitive receptors, etc. Redox Tech can assist with deciding which oxidant(s) is correct for your site. Redox Tech now focuses on two chemical oxidants – they are  persulfate and permanganate. Each oxidant has advantages or disadvantages. Redox Tech is the leading provider of Klozur™ activated persulfate, and we have also injected nearly a half-million pounds of permanganate.

Whatever oxidant you select, Redox Tech can help determine the load of oxidant required. Redox Tech has developed proprietary techniques to assess the total oxidant demand (TOD) for a particular site. Because the amount of oxidant required is a function of not only the dissolved contaminant levels, but also the adsorbed contaminants, free-phase contaminants, dissolved and solid phase reduced minerals, and naturally occurring organic material. It is important to complete TOD testing in order to have a successful chemical oxidation implementation. For a cost estimate, feel free to fill out the Site Profile Sheet that can be downloaded below.

The TOD can also be estimated from monitored natural attenuation parameters. These types of measurements are currently much more commonly made than TOD. A discussion of MNA parameters and the geochemistry of an aquifer can be downloaded here.

We have recently added a discussion of sodium percarbonate for ISCO. Please click on the link below for more information.

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