ABC-Olé is an emulsified long-chained carbon product designed to compete with Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO) products. ABC-Olé is formulated on a site-by-site basis to promote optimal biodegradation. Lactate and-or alcohol components serve as short-term (more quickly fermented) components, while vegetable oil and fatty acid esters serve as long-term fermenting components. ABC-Olé contains a phosphate buffer for pH control and provides essential micronutrients for bioremediation. ABC-Olé has been successfully employed at hundreds of sites in the United States and Europe. ABC-Olé readily mixes with water and does not require chase water. More importantly, ABC-Olé is formulated to minimize the potential for soap or scum formation that can foul wells.

Photo of 65% Fermented Carbon ABC-Olé

ABC-Olé is typically 60 percent long-chain and 5 percent short-chain fermentable carbon. Only food-grade emulsifying agents are used that do not contain any 1,4-dioxane. The pH of ABC-Olé is shipped at approximately 8 to neutralize organic acids produced during fermentation. The density of the most popular mix of ABC-Olé is 8 pounds per gallon, but the product is usually custom blended for each site. ABC-Olé is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, IBC totes, and tanker trailers. Custom-filled drums, totes, and trailers are available to fill your order to the pound. Redox Tech will arrange for the recycling of empty drums and totes at no additional cost.

Formulated to Minimize Biofouling

Below is a picture of crud that can be formed after traditional EVO injections, especially at sites with “hard” groundwater conditions. ABC-Olé is formulated to minimize gelling and precipitation, which can result in expensive well rehabilitation or poor substrate distribution.

If your site does have problems with fouling, Redox Tech, in conjunction with Provectus Environmental Products, produces and sells SCRUD Remover for redeveloping biofouled wells. Please visit Scrud Remover for more information.

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1ABC® is protected by US Patent 6,001,252.