Redox Tech sells zero valent iron (ZVI) in super sacks (1000 Kg) and 25 kg buckets. Our ZVI is made from molten iron ore in a specialized process. Part of the ZVI from the process is used to iron fortify foods, so our ZVI is essentially a food-grade product. Other suppliers produce ZVI by milling, grinding, and sieving scrap iron (from things such as old car frames and bodies). As a result, those supplies can have higher levels of undesirable metals and some petroleum residuals. Below is a typical chemical analysis of the ZVI we sell.

Typical Chemical Analysis (wt%)


We sell a coarse ZVI, mainly used for barrier or blending applications, and a fine iron, typically used for injection. Eighty percent of the coarse ZVI is 150 and 600 microns, while the fine material has ninety percent less than 100 microns. We offer flexible packaging and payment terms. Unlike other suppliers, we can provide expertise to help you successfully inject our product.

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