ABC® And ABC+ Applied At Over 350 Sites

Anaerobic BioChem (ABC) is a proprietary carbon substrate produced and marketed by Redox Tech. First introduced to the market in March 2003, the product was developed to allow remediation engineers the flexibility in changing specific components within the mixture to best complement existing site geochemistry, which can vary considerably from site to site.

In July 2006, the ABC formula was offered with a mixture of ZVI. The new product, marketed as ABC+, provided significant advantages over ABC alone. The ZVI provides an immediate chemical reduction of chlorinated solvents and quickly drives the in situ system to reducing conditions. The hydrogen produced from the corrosion of the ZVI also provides nutrients to a wide range of bacteria. The product was originally designed to help reduce source area concentrations as an alternative to in situ chemical oxidation. However, the product’s use has expanded and has been used in reactive barriers, as well as metals and nitroaromatic treatment strategies.

To date, ABC and ABC+ have been applied to over 350 sites. For more information, visit the products specification page or contact a local representative.