New Soil Blender Debuts In Cambridge, MASS

After two years of design and fabrication, Redox Tech’s new In Situ Soil Blender was put to the test at a construction site in Cambridge, Mass. The new soil blender, designed to provide a more robust and efficient mode of soil blending, was used to mix 52,000 lbs of ABC+ into 27,000 cubic feet of soil, targeting depths from the ground surface to 15 feet bgs. This work aimed to treat 1,2-dichloroethane (1,2-DCA) in soil and groundwater (concentrations between 18 and 1200 ppm).

The treatment approach was performed during the construction of a new 6-story office building in a busy part of downtown Cambridge, Mass. No disruption of the ongoing construction efforts was allowed. Other logistical issues included limited access and maneuverability, an existing foundation wall that bounded one side of the treatment area, and a buried fiber optic cable that bounded the other side of the treatment area. Despite these work limitations, the in situ soil blending was completed on schedule over four days with no safety or performance issues. For more information, please contact Dan Regan (Redox Tech NE).