Redox Tech, LLC Renews Co-marketing Relationship With Carus Corporation

Redox Tech, LLC and Carus Corporation have joined forces to co-market products for aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation. Carus will market and sell the following products offered by Redox Tech: ABC®and ABC+ for reductive approaches, and OBC and OBC+ for oxic-aerobic remediation. The Redox Tech product line consists of high quality and field-proven products that are cost competitive. These additional product offerings will complement the bioremediation and chemical oxidation products already available to our customers through Carus Remediation Technologies (CRT).

We are pleased to offer these complementary bioremediation products that can meet the substrate requirements for a variety of bioremediation site design strategies.  Our customers can now choose between CRT’s 100% fermentable carbon CAP18®and CAP18 ME®anaerobic bioremediation products that provide a sustained source of hydrogen or Anaerobic BioChem (ABC®) which is specifically formulated for each site with a combination of fast- and slow-releasing water soluble substrates. When customers need the option of adding zero valent iron (ZVI), ABC+ is available.

Redox Tech, LLC is a remediation contractor that provides remediation products and services. Redox Tech provides conceptual design, bench-scale testing, and pilot-scale and full-scale application. Redox Tech has completed over 900 turn-key remediation projects including chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation, steam injection and metals stabilization. Redox Tech owns a fleet of geoprobes as well as two proprietary and powerful soil blenders. Redox Tech has offices in six states and strategic partnerships with companies in Belgium, Denmark and Brazil.

CRT is committed to providing our customers with remedial products that are high in quality, competitive in cost and supported with the finest customer service in the industry. Carus Corporation is the leading technical expert and manufacturer of permanganate and other manganese-based technologies. In addition to permanganate for in situ chemical oxidation, CRT has diversified to offer a wide array of product offerings to assist you with solving all of your remediation needs. When trying to determine the best remedial solution, look to Carus to help you identify the product or technology that is a good fit for your specific project or site conditions.